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Solo Bone, Ebony and Horn Set , $29.90 value

  • Solo Bone Ebony and Horn with a key chain pocket, Brossardpicks.com
  • Solo Ebony Guitar Picks, Brossardpicks.com
  • Solo Horn Guitar Pick, Brossardpicks.com
  • Solo Bone Guitar Pick, Brossardpicks.com
  • Solo Ebony Guitar Pick size comparison, Brossardpicks.com
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Product Description

These Solo Series is great for solos and playing with harmonics, it is often compared to the Dunlop Jazz 3. This shape works fine for Electric, Acoustic and Mandolin. It is about 2.5mm thick with a centered 1/2 inch hole for an incredible grip. This combo is really complete tonewise and gives opportunity to experience Brossard "heavy" picks.
They are quite different from each others but complementary. The Ebony gives round and warm tones. The Horn is clear but not to crisp and allows all kinds of playing. The bone is very fast and gives bright and crisp tones. Because they are simple looking, I don't hesitate to play them intensively.

Total value $29.95

Only $19.95...

"The Horn pick is closer to the Bone in resonance but slightly warmer. It is a fast pick that enhance the notes flows in an effortless controlled motion. I just jam over and over when I grab it, feels perfect for Shred. It's very resistant and will endure all kinds of abusive playings! Lots of plastic picks try to copy the horn unique grain but the magic is not there and the tone even less...Don't let pass your chance to play the horn pick ..." Roo endorsed artist

"Simple and Amazing"
"A friend of mine received his ebony pick today (I received the bone and horn combo today). He let me try it out, and it was every bit as exceptional as my bone and horn set. The ebony adds a very warm clap to acoustic playing while retaining a bright, crisp tone and solid projection. It is lighter than the bone and the horn picks, and that would definitely a plus for those who want to move away from plastic picks without losing the feel. It is excellent for electric players as well, and I recommend them for all styles of music. I will never play Dunlop again if I can help it, and I'm a Brossard Picks player for life! Great work Chris, and thanks!"
Posted by Darren on 25th Feb 2009

!!!Attention!!! The photos are representative of the product. You will not receive the items on the pictures. Every Horn pick for example is totally unique with its own patterns and coloration.

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    Posted by ROB MAIN on 13th Apr 2012

    I got these in the mail yesterday and I have not yet put my any of my guitars down at all... The sound is way huge compared to my other picks ( dunlops ). I have a couple of custom guitars and Les Pauls and I can tell you that there is a difference in tone. Brossard picks kicks major ass

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